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Ferrets and Weasels


Here are some cool ferret facts: Male Ferrets are twice as large and three times heavier than the female Ferret. This enables females to eat less and feed the babies. All weasels have a long flat skull that enables them to give a powerful biting force, which is proportionally the strongest in mammals. Ferrets’ teeth can bite through a pencil.

Ferrets and Weasels can see well up close and are better than people in noticing movement or shadow, but cannot see in the distance. (They don’t need to, because they are adapted to hunt animals in dark burrows.) Besides Ferret’s eyes have to be small to keep the dirt and injuries to a minimum, and block light absorption.

The Ferrets’ body is quite long with short legs and a long, strong neck, which enables the Ferret to carry the catch 2-3 times his body mass at a very fast pace without tripping over it. The vertebral column of Ferrets is long and supple, allowing the animal great flexibility in changing directions while running.

The muscles along with the back release a great deal of energy permitting Ferrets and Weasels to reach high speeds and leap 2-4 times their body length. Weasel’s elbows and wrist bones have extensions on the end to make the arms very strong for digging and climbing. The short Ferrets’ legs are good shock absorbers, which allows leaps exceeding 10 times the body length without injuries.

Ferrets – General Info Links

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Ferret Doctor– Veterinarian in Bethesda, Maryland. Site includes medical information, directions to the hospital, video order form, and contact information.

Ferret FAQ – Natural History– Information about the natural history of ferrets (Mustela [putorius] furo): Morphology, history, and taxonomy.

Ferret Fat Camp– A site about all aspects of working show and pet ferrets

Ferret Health Care School– Advice on ferret health and how to keep your ferret healthy.

Ferrets First – The UK’s No.1 Ferret Magazine.– Ferrets first is a bimonthly publication available by subscription for anyone with a “ferret lifestyle”.Ferret Universe– Scored quizzes on ferret knowledge and information on health and care as well as photos, message board, and chat room.

Ferretting– Fun look at ferreting for rabbits in the Highlands of Scotland. Check out pictures of the ferrets and their friends; suggest names for our baby ferrets and links to other ferret pages.

Hants and Berks Ferret Club– We are a group of enthusiasts based in the N. Hampshire/Berkshire area, dedicated to the promotion and general well being of working, domestic and rescue ferrets. By attending, County shows Charity events and Display’s we hope to educate people in the care and handling of ferrets whilst dispelling the often miss-held conceptions.

Modern Ferret Magazine– Fun and informative resource created for ferret owners, by ferret owners. Site includes subscription and ordering information and descriptions of magazine contents.

Pakefield Ferrets– History and practice of ferreting. Ordering information for the book ‘Ferrets: Taking Their Work & Welfare Into the 21st Century’. Simon Whitehead.

Pam Troutman’s Ferret Forum– Articles and answers to submitted questions on ferrets.

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The Ferret Owner’s Manual– Online booklet covering a variety of topics in caring for ferrets.

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The Wessex Ferret Club– The web site of a South Hampshire ferret club that was set up to improver the welfare of the working ferret.

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Ultimate Hidey Hole– News in the ferret owner community, book reviews, club and shelter directories, and links to other ferret sites, helpful articles, and recommended products.– Ferret newsletter covering issues related to the care of pet ferrets. Photographs, ferret names, articles by topic, glossary, links, and information on events.

Zen and the Art of Ferrets – Answers to submitted questions about ferrets; information on ferrets for sale or for adoption from the shelter.

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