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Ferret Potty Training

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Happy Ferret
Happy Ferret


    1. One of many main reasons ferrets are released into shelters is because people get so disgusted if they cannot control their ferret’s ‘potty’ habits! A sad situation and one which may be solved using a little time and patience.
    2. Kits are clean animals and thus recognize a clean environment and that goes due to their litter box also. Even though they seem to ‘surf’ in clean litter they’ll as time goes by, use it! Recycled paper litter is the best option for ferrets, NEVER use the scoopable litter, it contains ‘bentonite’ that causes it to clump and can do so into the kits intestines.
    3. When cleaning the ferret litter box, scoop out all of the dirty litter, making certain to remove the urine soaked litter as this can give off ammonia (causes respiratory issues) and then force remaining litter to the edges of the box, and add fresh litter to the remaining area.
    4. If there is excrement about the container you’ll need to eliminate it having a good disinfectant, such as for example Windex hot soapy water. Nevertheless, you do not need to focus on fresh litter every time, generally use some of the remaining clear litter from the bin (before cleaning), since the ferret has included his scent to it, he then will undoubtedly be less likely to ‘surf’ in it.


  1. Carpeting isn’t an excellent flooring for ferrets to play on, simply because it keeps the scent of urine and is harder to clean.  Tile or wood is really much cleaner and sanitary, thus you might choose to exercise your ferret in your bathrooms, to begin with until you’re certain it’s fully litter trained.
  2. Always be certain the ferret has used his litter box inside his cage right before you let him out to play, this will give you at least around 30 minutes before he must need to go again, at which time you will need to observe him to ‘catch’ him while litter training.


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