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Top 10 Foods to Feed Your Ferrets

feeding ferrets
ferrets eating

What are the top 10 foods to feed your ferret?  Continue reading here to find out what these are.

Some things that we need to consider before buying and trying one. Also, remember that your critters are light eaters so they need to have available food throughout the day to satisfy their hunger. Also, fresh water should never be forgotten.

From here, you can choose among these ten best foods which you can feed your ferrets.


These should not replace the main meals being given to your pets. Used in moderation, these are only used in training and positive reinforcement. Use sparingly. Some treats include hard-boiled or scrambled eggs, bits of cooked meats. If the food contains grains, vegetables or sugar, do not give it to your pet anymore.

Duck Soup

This food should be genuine, unprocessed and with no salt. This can be good for an ailing ferret.

Cat Food

Due to the ferret’s high protein requirement, it is recommended that younger critters (around 3 – 4 years old) should get kitten or growth foods but if your ferret is a little older, than the adult cat food would be more recommendable. Older ferrets can have kidney problems if they get too much protein.  Be reminded to not give this to them regularly.

ferret soup
ferret soup


Eggs are also high-quality protein sources. Avoid buying meat and poultry by-products because they may not be digested well and they are not really a good source of useful protein.


Turkey meat also provides the necessary protein your ferrets need. This, along with other meat products, should be served as a natural part of your ferrets’ diet.


Beef can also be one source of good protein. This can provide 30-35% of the needed protein requirement and 15-20% fat to meet the needs of the ferret.


You don’t have to serve this as too cold or too hot. Just enough warmth is right for the ferret. Lamb meat is another solid source of animal protein.

Dry Ferret Food

Before buying, check the label and the ingredients to help you decide which one is the best for your pet ferret. Select the one without any grain listed in the ingredients.   The best ferret food I have fed my ferrets is  Wysong Ferret Epigen 90 Ferret Food

Chicken Meat

If your pet doesn’t want red meat, and even ground meat, you can opt for chicken meat. Cut them into little pieces, put it on a dish and give it to them. Don’t forget to remove the bones.


Ingredients include “1/2 cup of Pet milk (Choose the one with lactose reduced and with thiamine and taurine), one egg yolk and a squirt of Nutrigel”. You can already see your pet lick their lips in anticipation!

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