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This makes for a wonderful ferret playpen, when you need to keep your ferrets safe while traveling, etc. Whether inside or outside the Best Pet Soft Sided Play Pen is the answer for a play pen for that is quick and easy to set up.This is excellent for travel because it sets up in seconds yet folds easily and stores in a carrying case that is just 24″ x 19″ x 2″ thick. This water-resistant play pen works well inside or out and is especially useful for sick or expecting pets that need to be confined. Setup is easy, simply unfolds in seconds with out any tools.

For outdoor use you can use the included ground stakes to secure the play pen to the ground. Because it completely encloses your pet another use for this playpen is for sunning reptiles. It has side pockets for convenient storage of small items. The play pen measures 43 inches in diameter by x 22 1/2 inches high. Available in burgundy and cream, blue and cream, pink, cream, teal and cream, blue plaid, pink plaid, leopard skin, zebra skin, and camouflage colors. To see the other color choices along with all of our other products click the Best Pet link under the product title and just to the right of the picture.

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Customer Reviews


 on January 30, 2010
By Just FYI
I read two reviews before purchasing this unit which indicated that the only problem both had was that their dog was able to chew through the zipper in a rather short time. But, looking at the prices of other brands, and imagining their structure as best we could from photos, I decided to chance the zipper issue (they all had zippers anyway) since I liked this design. I’m happy I did–even though our puppy DID chew through a zipper! There are two doors with zippers, so I simply taped that one shut with matching Gorilla Tape. On the other door, I now prevented this from happening again: The manufacturer put two zippers on each track of each door (think of a suitcase that can zip from either end). This costs more for the manufacturer, but allows the customer to open only the bottom portion, if so desired (I don’t see the necessity of an open pen, but so be it). I simply raised both zipper heads to the top of the pen and bingo! The dog can’t reach the zipper head, which it needs to gnaw at for quite a while to break it. The product comes with zipper-on, strong net-topping to fully enclose, which might be useful against hawks if the unit is left outside (though not a good idea to leave unattended). To prevent jumping out, however, it’s not really needed since the top sports an inward lip (that can’t be “landed on”), like a prison fence, that makes it geometrically impossible to jump over for small dogs, even high jumpers. The flooring is durable and so easy to clean up. Two can be placed together (we bought a second) with doors opened to produce a “train car” effect (just tie a simple cord around the top of the two). Great value and serves its “babysitting,” comfortable containment purpose well.

Perfect for Granpas house

 on March 24, 2013
By Jennifer
My Dad doesn’t allow my 2 shih-tzus in the house…I don’t understand, they smell better than my nephews yet the nephews are allowed on the couch. Anyhow, in order to just get access to the garage when we visit home, we have to bring this little play pen to protect the garage floor from messes….UGH! Anyhow, I was worried if it would contain them but it’s worked like a charm! They love it, and it gives them room for their pillows, food/water and flopping around. The bottom is waterproof and best of all, since it zips all the way up my girls are protected from mosquitoes! This would not contain a chewing dog or one hell-bent on getting out. But for my polite little ladies, it’s perfect. It contains them and their “mess”. It folds up easily and we can even set it up in the back of our SUV. For tight hotel rooms though, it is a little big but it’s cheap enough, we’ll likely order two more, one smaller for hotels and one larger for longer trips to Grandpas. In the mean time this fits just fine and the girls like it so good, they willingly go in it all on their own when we’re traveling. They LOVE their play pen and that says a lot for any sort of pet containment!

Great to take camping!

 on July 14, 2015
By C. Mac
Campgrounds require dogs to be on a leash or otherwise under control at all times, so I bought this to corral my two chihuahuas while on the road. It’s a great alternative to leashes or laps, especially when I want to do other things yet have the dogs outdoors with me. There’s plenty of room in it for their bed(s) and food and water. It’s also short enough that I can easily reach in and scoop them out, but too tall for them to jump out. It does have a net top that should foil jumpers, but since I didn’t need that I’ve left it off. What swayed me to buy this one was that it comes with a carrying case.

So. Useful.

 on February 12, 2014
By Zoey J. Stretcher
This has been so useful…

Good quality & value

 on June 4, 2013
By Neighbor
The pink one I ordered wasn’t available so the seller e-mailed me to let me know and allowed me to pick a replacement color so I chose a light purple (looks great). I had to get this playpen for a pair of kittens I was going to foster. Unfortunately, I ran out of time waiting and had to buy one at Petsmart for about $70 to use while I waited for this one to arrive.

Great pen, medium perfect for pup/small dog confined play area

 on April 18, 2012
By K. Salinger, Holistic Nurse Practitioner
We have a new puppy and the family we bought our pup from had one of these that they were keeping their 7 puppies in. It’s a great way to confine your pup or small dog when needed w/o having to stick them in a much smaller crate (you can have your little kennel or crate right inside this for their “den” if desired). We have part of our house penned off with short puppy gates as well, but sometimes we need tighter confinement than that, yet not wanting to do the super tight confinement of the crate.

Light & airy, perfect for foster kittens

 on June 20, 2013
By meganbooth
I am fostering a momma cat with newborn kittens, and this is a perfect way to keep them contained while I’m away from home. I have been leaving one of the openings rolled up so momma can get in & out to attend to her needs, but the kittens can’t escape. I only wish the opening (or at least one of them) had a higher lip at the bottom to make it harder for little ones to get out. However I have been blocking the bottom half of the opening with something and it’s worked out OK. The kittens are 4 weeks old now and will be graduating to a larger folding cage of their own soon, but this has been great for their first month of life when they need to be near mommy 24/7. Good value for the money. Love that this will fold away for storage when I am not fostering.

Great purchase!

 on March 2, 2016
By kenya
Bought this for my kitten and used it for her for introductions and to rest away from the other cat after getting fixed.

This is the best thing I’ve found to contain the kittens but still …

 on May 1, 2016
By S.E. Harris
I work with a rescue group and foster small kittens. This is the best thing I’ve found to contain the kittens but still give them room for a litter box, bed and a play space. They are safe inside and when they are older you can unzip the side openings for them to go in and out. Also good for nursing moms because the top unzips. The mom can jump out but the kittens stay safely inside. It is very lightweight and folds into a very small size for storing. It is durable enough to take outside and clean with a bleach mixture (material is colorfast), hose off, and let dry in the sun. A great product!!

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